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Freedom Lives:

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Freedom Lives !
Freedom Lives !
With the land closing without a hitch it seems that the efforts to villify and destroy the project has gone into high gear. There are those that use a bit of information and twist it and then there are those that tell outright lies, why? I have no idea other than they wish to bolster their own ego power trip in some way. Well the plots and plans and lies have not worked, while it has slowed us down somewhat the project is alive and well even with one little known maniac in Ga ranting and raving about killing the Granny and her monkey and how we have been scamming people etc.. even posting mp3's which are distorted and actually funny, this same fellow has attacked Ernest Hancock, Michael Badnarik, Big John Lipscomb, Christy ( Truthbrigade) and anyone that has anything to do with us or the project. It didn't work.

Another trusted friend of a couple of years turned on us full force when his plans to take over the management of the project failed and he was removed from the groups. His messages are really ugly and mean spirited but he has failed also.

The land was purchased and the folks that have stuck out this long process are moving in with their campers and tents getting ready to build their new lives. It is amazing the strong unity among folks that have never seen each other face to face yet have bonded into a closely knit group that will make the back bone of our community. Working together, argueing, agreeing and in the end finding the solution to the problem that needed solving.

The land is ours, all 500 + acres in beautiful NE Texas. The land is lush, rich and right now muddy from all of the rain that has fallen in the past 2 weeks. Locals say this is the most rain that has been seen at one time since 1957 and hopefully it will not be seen again for another 50 years.

The Residents of Freedom are die hards, for real, sloshing though the muddy water to work and play on their own little bit of freedom.

The building materials are sitting on pallets waiting for the rain to stop, we have a power pole up and ready to hook up, and best of all the high speed internet hook up will be in use tomorrow ( Monday the 19th) In all we have a really good start.

We have paid the neighbor to pave the road so we won't be getting stuck any longer but that can't be done till the land is dried out more. But it will happen just as soon as he can get his trucks on the land and start dumping the rock.

It is so great to meet the people who had the trust and foresight to know they would need a safe place with others to live and raise their family in these times of turmoil and trouble. Especially if even a small part of what has been foreseen to happen in the very near future does occur.

As you can see the land is beautiful, in need of a few goats to keep down the growth of grass in our picnic area. The kids don't mind a few bits of tall grass ( hay ) while exploring the area. The trees in the back ground hide a lovely lake ready for some real fish.

Moving into Freedom.

Even the dogs have rain gear now.

With all of the people who have worked against this project both from the outside and as we found this week from the inside also it still flourishes. People are planning on their moves and packing up their property to bring out to their new home.. What a bunch of real patriotic pioneers. This will be one of the hardest things they have probably ever done in their lives, living off the grid, learning how to cope with all sorts of problems and people yet they are going forth with a smile on their face knowing the ultimate end will be their freedom to grow their own food, raise their own farm animals and raise their children without the thumb of fascism on their heads. Yes we may encounter some problem with some of the new laws but for the most part we can escape those laws by sustaining ourselves and maintaining our separation from the mainstream.

There have been tries at a power play to take over the project by some, some take joy in causing dessention and try to divide the residents for what purpose only known to them. None of the ploys have worked as we have such a tight knit group that has and uses common sense. It is amazing to watch how each individual reacts to these overt acts and repells them quickly. The young people are so smart and see things which I never even thought of but they figure out the problems on their own and with a great understanding of what has to be done to build a community with all kinds of different people.

We already have a fellow to set up our barter bucks system, This will in effect be our means of commerce among ourselves. The bucks will be backed up by silver and labor. Don't ask me how it works as I have not a clue at this point but the banking crew knows and will make it plain to us all how to buy, sell and trade within our own community without reservation.

And you thought NAFTA was no more?

We passed several trucks sporting the NAFtA logos. One followed us into a rest area where we got some good shots of the varmint.

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Comment by foundZero
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I gotta hand it to Linda. This is a pretty big project. I'm happy to see people on the land and getting a start.

Comment by PureTrust
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Freedom will always live and survive. Here's why in a nutshell.

Everybody wants freedom, at least to some extent. The divorce rate proves this.

Because of this, a lot of work is involved in taking freedom away from the masses. The doing of this work - the work of taking freedom away from others - involves giving up a lot of freedom just to do it. That is, if you want to take freedom away from others, you will have to give up a lot of freedom yourself, just to do it. You will have to work hard. Hard work involves giving up some personal freedom.

Anybody who is smart enough to be able to take freedom from the masses, will also figure out how much freedom he is losing, himself, just to do it. At some point he will want some of that freedom back. When he does, he will cut back on his attempts to take freedom of others, just so that he can have more freedom himself.

So, freedom will always survive.

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