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Lame stream Media Caught Lying: Ron Paul Revolution

Written by Subject: Political Parties
I stumbled on a stunning disconnect between the major media version of election coverage and candidate appearance trends on the internet. The Mainstream Media seems to have largely ignored something major on the web.  This video some interesting information about Google trends and Media article references.
During the 2008 presidential election cycle Ron Paul's video's and searches far and way outstripped any other candidate.  Yet the media remained numb to this.  When it was apparent he would win the election the lame stream media went into over drive to promote the pro-war, pro-statist, pro-socialism and pro-fascism candidates of John McCain, Rudi Guliani, Hillary Clinton and the usurper Barack Hussein Obama
By manipulating the number of stories done on the individual pro government candidates and burying stories about the Pro-Freedom Candidate Ron Paul.  The media was able to put the populace back in their hypnotic trance to ensure the continuation of the policies that have brought the united States to bankruptcy.