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Killing you softly H1N1 & Gardasil

Written by Subject: Bioterrorism
This morning on ABC a story aired about Max a seemingly healthy 5 yr. old boy who died suddenly from the H1N1 (SWINE FLU) virus. You have to look around to realize the many cases where this manmade virus has now begun to KILL many who are otherwise healthy. This report claims 36 healthy children have perished. How many more will pass this fall and winter? I would also wonder how many world wide. How many more otherwise healthy children and adults will succomb? If my editor worked I would intersperse some of the many cases I have noticed This abc story is the latest. It does not end with the Swine Flu though now there is Gardasil to consider. Gardasil: extreme side effects and death. A small film on the adverse side effects of Gardasil (or, as it actually reads, Guard-ass-ill....). Please get informed on this dangerous vaccine and spread this information. Take a peek.