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UPDATE: r3VOLution activists busy in Santa Fe for the Fourth of July

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The majority of r3VOLutionaries showed up Friday Afternoon with more signs that went straight up. This morning Saturday we covered all of Santa Fe's major events with thousands of invitations to tonight's free concert. Lots of video but the hotel Internet connection will only allow a photo record for now.
After we get back into the production studio at the FreedomsPhoenix Workshop we'll get you up close and personal with all of the activities (too long to wait?... you should have come :)
At sunset Adam invited those willing to climb a steep ladder, the opportunity to watch the changing colors of a beautiful Santa Fe sky 

Jordon Page showed up and treated us to a couple of great songs

Jordan has a clean and clear voice that was a real pleasure. I ordered his songs from Amazon for .99 each here.
Here's one so you know why I did.

Jeanne at the Hotel

Liberty Rider Mike and Ed

Renee and Charlie's RV

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Comment by Dave Hodges
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 Wow!  Wow! Wow!

What a great jump start for a congressional race!

As long as we have people like what we see in these pictures, we still have a chance.

Dave Hodges

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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 I wish I could have gone :(

Comment by Drew
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Tom And Ed got to it first, pics from last night up on 

 more photos will be posted here soon!

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