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Secret Rebel Base Revealed

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Anarchism
What would a free-wheeling, no-account, hollowed-out-volcano, libertarian base of operations look like?

It would have a print shop.

lots of tools,

and, a skills area.

It would have an area for super-secret defenses, that couldn't be shown, but it would also have offenses.  A control booth for media productions,

a television stage,

a radio studio,

and 20,000 sq ft of expansion area.

uh, oh...

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Comment by AnAJLibertyLover
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The Walter Cronkite school of journalism at ASU puts on like a 30 minute news report by their students on PBS digital 8.3.

Seeing the lair's anchor desk, I can totally picture a similar production as that with a Libertarian news cast of the day. Maybe it could be sold to PBS as a non partisan Constitutional wrap up of the days events. This would definitely be appreciated if it were streamed on the internet as well.

Comment by rewrite
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The Picture in the Feature Article is NOT in Pheonix, AZ. It is a Picture of rhe Island in CRATER LAKE, in Oregon. The Lake is visited by the Oceanographic Team once a year to test the Temperature on the bottom. The last report is the bottom is begtinning to heat up. The lake is and may be deeper, 1,932 feet deep. I know this area very well, I've traveled around the rim of the Crater and eaten at the Restaurant on the Rim. Visit this Are when you get a chance, it's spectaculer. They have a boat launch for fishing and for exploring the Island. Those were my obsevation and have pictures of my trip there.

Comment by foundZero
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I'm with the critic. You guys blew it. We're staking you out and waiting till we see the pizza go in the door. Then it's like "busted patriots, let's have some pizza or you are all dog food for the New World Odor".

Freaking law enforcers have to eat Pizza Hut crap and you patriots get the good stuff. This is bull shit.

Comment by Wind Dancer
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Would love to see Ernie and Donna doing national TV broadcasts! Nice base. The rEVOLution lives on.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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Good thing you didn't show the SAM's on the roof or the hidden gun cabinet... OOPS!


Comment by Jet Lacey
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And Yea, and Lo:

And the skies did part and the wind did howl and the bees did shiver and do their angry dance.

And the dogs did yelp and the asses did whinny.

And the people did 'the Robot' and they did feast upon the echidnas, and the marmosets, and the pickled pig's feet, and the vienna sausages, and the yoplait yogurt, and the fiery cheetos, and the salamanders, and the menudo.

And there was much rejoicing, for the Beast had arisen and was spray painting acoustic tiles purple and drinking beer at the Libertarian workshop.

God Be Praised.

Comment by Brock
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Actually, the demon lives in the guy on the right, Barry Hess. :)

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