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Bailout Activism in Arizona (TODAY)

Written by Subject: Politics: General Activism
John Shadegg will take a very large part of the responsibility for having passed the Bailout/Fascist State legislation.
John Shadegg has a scheduled fund raiser at the Moon Valley Country Club this Saturday...
The Moon Valley Country Club
151 W. Moon Valley Drive
Saturday, October 4th
4 to 6 pm
The Moon Valley event has only two main entrances from major streets, Thunderbird & 7th Street, on Coral Gables Drive. These two intersections are very visible and highly traveled...

Tonight the Goldwater Institute is having a function that will include people attending that will make up a very high percentage of the same  that will be attending John Shadegg's fundraiser this Saturday.
Tonight's Goldwater Institute event (details here)
The Arizona Biltmore
Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom
2400 East Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona
Thursday, October 2, 2008
VIP Reception 5:15 p.m. * Dinner 7:00 p.m.
Business/cocktail attire
The main entrance to the Arizona Biltmore, from a public road, is a very good place to demonstrate your views to those that will benefit from your expression the most (Olde' Media is worthless). (Arriving well before 6pm would be best for inclusion in promotional videos)

I will be attending the Goldwater Institute event as an observer/reporter and will report in detail on the effect of your efforts :)

Ernest Hancock