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Sign Generators Are Fun

Written by Subject: Humor
 Marquees, Traffic Signs, Billboards, Fortune Cookies, Church signs,... are all yours to tag as you wish with these tools. (Have fun)
Google: Sign Generator for even more fun
Welcome to the Church Sign Generator
Ever seen those signs in front of churches with the moveable letters? Ever wanted to rearrange the letters to make your own church sign? Well, now you can. Choose a design below, add your text, and a personalized church sign photo will be generated for you! Save it, send it to a friend, put on your website, or use it however you like. Enjoy!
Now you can create your own sign generator! Just find (take your own with a digital camera, maybe a DVD still image grab, search graphics sites, take a pic from TV, etc) an image of a sign or a photo where there is a clearable area to place text. Use GIMP (best freeware photo editor) to clear out the text area (if there is text already in the way) and then import it to this site to manipulate the text with hundreds of fonts, also make sure the image size does not exceed 650 pixels (height or width). You can even use a photograph of yourself (use free hosting so you have a web URL to use) or loved ones and add comic book styled bubbles (sample) where you can change the text characters to suit your needs (captionize your photographs), you can literally turn any image or clipart into a sign generator!
Lots of different signs here