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Behind the Scenes - Iowa Straw Poll

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity
Detailed Explanation of How Iowa's Straw Poll Works (and the
Diebold Factor)

The Ron Paul campaign has released information that the Iowa GOP has offered to recount the ballots at a cost of $184,000. What was not reported was that the recount would have taken place two day later on Monday. The offer to privately pay for the manual recount was under the condition that the paper ballots be immediately counted following their use for the machine tabulation.

With at least 60 voting locations the estimated 25,000 voters would likely be spread out to about 3-4 hundred ballots per station. An immediate hand count could be accomplished very quickly without ever moving the ballots from their stations and under the supervision of the public, the campaigns and the media (I use to think 'media' and 'public' were the same thing). 
The Iowa GOP is reporting that there is a manual checking of the ballots. This of course is not true. In Arizona this is called a 'Logic and Accuracy Test' and is a 'Dog & Pony Show' for the masses. Sample ballots are run through the machines and checked against a printed report. But unless the ballots actually cast are compared to the printed results you have nothing to rely on but the integrity of a very few people or even a single person with a flash card of software.

Even 6 voting stations selected at random would produce enough data to let us all know if there was a need for further counting. But accuracy isn't the goal of this event.

Every event has its run and I am of the opinion that the Iowa Straw Poll is near the end of its usefulness. Credibility is a vital factor in politics and this election has the entire world watching. Any credibility left in the Iowa Straw Poll will be sacrificed to serve the interests of those in the most powerful positions on this planet. The Empire can not afford to have their weaknesses exposed at a time when their abilities to rule the Earth are in question all around the globe.

The past few years are an indication of what those in political power here in America are capable of. And to think that there is some moral barrier to keep these people from stealing the United States electoral process is to be dangerously naive,... and the Iowa Straw poll is a very important part of that, and many of us here know it.
The potential for demonstrations that may result in arrests is always there. And these people will likely find themselves on TSA no-fly lists along with their leftist counterparts. So what's to be done? Do we take position around the King's messenger when the results are read holding our Pitchforks & Torches?

The Bill of Rights, the 10 'Thou Shalt Nots' of government, were the result of placating the Anti-Federalist (like Patrick Henry & Thomas Paine) that warned what would happen if you granted central authority over the individual states.
The First Amendment made it clear that the people would be free to express themselves in the political process and the Second Amendment made it very clear that it was the people themselves that would ultimately enforce the First Amendment.

We are 'ruled' by the very types of individuals that our government was created to protect us against and they are not gong to give up their positions of power, or their fine hats, or the guns under their control, or their shiny badges, or their uniforms, or their parchments of authority without a fight. And fighting fair or in the peaceful arena of politics isn't even a consideration. The political process is just a Matrix of control to be used to distract the masses while you are being plundered of everything of value,... including your freedom.

The Iowa Straw Poll is important to me personally because it helps to validate to others what I had become aware of long ago. The American ideal only lives in our hearts. But at least it is much safer there than anywhere else I can think of. And to perpetuate the American Dream for our children and grandchildren each of us will be responsible for taking a part in the restoration of the American Ideal. I'm not the type to waste time telling others what they must do. But I am of the opinion that you are far better off as an individual when you do anything in support of liberty. I think this is why the Ron Paul effort is so supported. Openly supporting a man and a message is the very least a liberty starved populace can do to demonstrate their prefferences.
But I fear some will pay a great price for their beliefs and that the inidivduals with the power to have their will be done at the expense of our individual rights will have no hesitation in making an example of many until there is a general uprising. I also believe that this 'uprising' is what is feared most by the 'Bad Guys'. Their hold onto power is very weak in the minds of many here in America. Governments and institutions around the world that have invested in America are investing in the ability of the United States Government to extract the wealth from us and I think they are starting to get very worried. I saw this before...

In the early/mid 90's, gun rights was an important issue around the country and in Arizona. We were high enough profile that we attracted the attention of German, Japanese, and Korean media that would send TV crews to Arizona to spend days with us. They would follow us to church, to gun shows, to the gun range, camping with friends. We were young and didn't fully understand what was going on until later, but we were careful to focus on the American concept of having the ultimate power in the hands of the people etc. It was after a large Korean weekly magazine article came out and a friend of mine translated it for me that I understood what was going on.

The large investments made into America's debt had come into question due to the statements made during the Ross Perot campaign of 1992 and the "Militia Movement" had investors worried that the American people were not to be counted on to pay them off. Gun Control legislation was seen by these investors as some sort of insurance policy. Later it would be revealed that such actions caused a dramatic increase in American gun ownership but by then the crisis had passed.

Now we are in a very similar situation. The math is simply catching up with the central planners and plunderers. The people that have raked off all of the chips from the table are about to find cover, if they haven't already. Their functionaries with the faces we know will be left holding an empty bag for the American people to sift through after the holders of the debt get a turn.

So with this as background you can understand why I am of the opinion that the Iowa Straw Poll is much less about the opinion of the people of Iowa over 18 years of age and more about another opportunity to demonstrate who's really in control of America's politics.

But the Internet has them worried. It is open information available to these same investors. And like the ability to demonstrate that Gun Control Laws could be passed to placate worried investors, election results can have the same effect. Of course I'm straying into a bit of speculation here but you can understand how these thoughts would cross my mind.

So what would a controlled result look like? Ooooh, do I hear some wagering on the sidelines?
Well let me make some predictions and see how I do. With almost no campaign here in Iowa I still suspect that the bad guys need Guiliani to do well but Romney won't be willing to sit back and be quiet with a poor second. So like in recent Iowa Straw polls it is even possible to have exact ties of the two frontrunners (yep, happened before). So in an ideal NeoCon World I suspect that Rudy and Mitt are very close 1 & 2. But I saw a lot of Tancredo material inside the Iowa state GOP HQ and the Christians in the state have their candidate as well in Huckabee. So for Ron Paul to be allowed to place higher than 5th it will be from the shear numbers of people in and around Ames, Iowa on Saturday that will influence the numbers he's allowed. But in an accurate election I wouldn't be at all surprised of a Ron Paul 1st place showing.
The Call Iowa program done through the campaign has his numbers very high and his supporters very motivated to come and support his campaign. Being here in Des Moines I have had many experiences that lead me to believe he has wide support. When wearing my Ron Paul t-shirts I get many comments of support and when placing signs the honks are frequent and the comments friendly. So I have no idea what will be the end result of the Iowa Straw Poll. But I do know that I'll make certain you get great video of what really happened so you can compare it to the spin.

The Revolution will continue no matter what happens here in Iowa, and that is what worries the Empire the most.