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Karl Hess: Toward Liberty - Oscar Winner 1980 Short Documentary (YouTube Video)

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Libertarianism

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Karl Hess: Toward Liberty -

Karl Hess - Toward Liberty: 1980 Oscar Winner Part 1 of 3 (9min 23sec))

Karl Hess - Toward Liberty: 1980 Oscar Winner Part 2 of 3 (8min 25sec)

Karl Hess - Toward Liberty: 1980 Oscar Winner Part 3 of 3 (9min 08sec)

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These video files are the result of original film copies supplied by Karl Hess' son, Karl Hess, that were then digitized. I am very happy we were able to make this historic documentary available to the planet. The message lives on Karl.
Ernest Hancock 

Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix 


Karl Hess: Toward Liberty

US (1980): Documentary/Short

A tribute to former Barry Goldwater speechwriter Karl Hess (1923-1994), often described as the "most beloved libertarian," who became a spokesman for a social philosophy called appropriate technology (AT). He encourages the audience to examine social issues and to think of society as people rather than institutions.

· Documentary (Short Subjects) 1980: Roland Halle & Peter W. Ladue - Producers

1 nomination, 1 Award

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