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Here is the latest on the J.D. Hayworth/Harry Mitchell race

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity
(A few close races locally, along with this one of international interest, will bring a great deal of unwanted attention to Arizona's Election Process for those responsible for the election,... I'll just wait a bit before commenting :)

> liz-@-lizmichael-org wrote:
>> *Here is the latest on the J.D. Hayworth/Harry Mitchell race, since I
>> am a local and am on the scene. Some of you may be wondering what is
>> going on and why Hayworth refuses to concede. Well it turns out he
>> has reason. Here's the deal...*
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>> *Arizona apparently has 258,000 ballots which have not been counted
>> yet. They also had NO MECHANISM in place for counting them. Most of
>> these are (ironically enough) the so-called "Early Ballots". Now you
>> would think they would have COUNTED early ballots first. But
>> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not these poindexters. The early ballots, of
>> which there were hundreds of thousands, were saved until the last to
>> count. BUT. The recorders' offices hired NO ADDITIONAL PERSONNEL to
>> count them. *
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>> *Moreover, there are a number of provisional ballots. A LARGE number
>> of provisional ballots. Greatly increased by the number of challenges
>> in Arizona elections due to the ID requirement. Some of those are
>> what is called "conditional provisional", meaning that the voter has
>> to return to "someplace", I'm not sure what place, to verify their
>> ballot after they have already cast it, and have to show sufficient
>> ID to HAVE the ballot counted, due to Proposition 200. *
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>> *Now. Got that? Good.*
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>> *Now, the question remains, how many of these early ballots and
>> provisional ballots are in the 5th Congressional District? Well,
>> apparently, 100,000 of them. I'm not clear as to WHY 40% of these
>> would show up in the 5th, but that's what I've been told.*
>> **
>> *So the margin of Harry Mitchell's lead is about 5,000 votes, but
>> there are 100,000 votes still out there, so according to the real
>> experts, the race cannot be called. Now, the MEDIA has already CALLED
>> the race for Mitchell, and they won't take it back. NEITHER
>> CANDIDATE, however, has declared this over. J.D. Hayworth hasn't
>> conceded. But before you go nuclear on him, what you may not
>> understand is that Harry Mitchell has NOT DECLARED VICTORY YET
>> either. He says he is optimsitc he will win when it is all over, but
>> prefers to see the votes counted first before he declares victory,
>> since there are so many votes to count.*
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>> *So not only is this election not really counted, because of the
>> conditional provisionals, this election is actually still going on,
>> as some voters have to do certain things in order to have their votes
>> count. This is affecting not only the fifth congressional, but also
>> the Corporation Commission races which have the two Republicans
>> leading the two Democrats by an absolute sliver of votes. Lots of
>> state legislative races are also up in the air, some having margins
>> as low as 9, 47, and 300.*
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>> *Helen Purcell, the Recorder in Maricopa County where Phoenix is, and
>> where most of the 5th District is, has said that this folderol will
>> take at LEAST ten days to sort out. And they haven't even BEGUN to
>> deal with most of the 258,000 ballots. The national media, however,
>> have treated the situation as if these 258,000 uncounted votes don't
>> exist. They are too "inconvenient" to consider in their "have to call
>> it today" mentality. The LOCAL media, however, know better.*
>> **
>> *So for all of you looking at this race, it isn't over, and all I can
>> say is, stay tuned. Mitchell is still likely to win in my opinion,
>> but it isn't guaranteed. J.D. Hayworth is actually on the site IN
>> PERSON looking over this process, and both sides have lawyers in tow
>> just in case. *