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"How to Steal an Election" (Now available without a subscription)

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity
Eric Oyen writes:

Honored candidates, incumbents and officeholders.

The information contained herein is NOT A JOKE! Please do not dismiss it as such or as the ravings of a "conspiracy theorist". The data contained at the links below are genuine and of concern to all voters and their respective office holders.

I recently came across "How to Steal an Election" at Now Available Without a Subscription, which lays out in rather explicit detail how flawed the current system of electronic voting is. I am concerned that our election process has effectively been privatized by a small number of companies, some of which are overtly partisan in their politics, and none held accountable for the numerous and easily-exploitable security flaws in their equipment. One of the equipment companies in particular has taken to smear campaigns and litigation against its critics in an attempt to silence them.
I understand that voting should and must be accessible to the disabled, but this can be done without compromising the security and integrity of our elections. Slot machines in Nevada (and in the Arizona casinos and
elsewhere) are subjected to extremely rigorous design standards for security, while voting machines have no such standards at all. This situation cannot go on -- I urge you to secure our elections with appropriate legislation.

The following links are relevant to this information and also provide a "pulse of the community" as far as this issue goes:


it is strongly suggested you read the above, review it with your staff and formulate a plan of action. let us not forget what happened in Ohio and Florida during the last election cycle.