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Sheriff Mack protest debate exclusion in Phoenix Sunday

Written by Subject: Activism
***Notice: Change of time for protest Sunday *** 3:30 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. ***

For those living in the Phoenix area, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Richard Mack needs your help tomorrow. Sunday, Oct. 15, marks the start of three debates between Sen. Jon Kyl and Democrat Pederson. As you might guess Richard Mack, despite being on the ballot in November has been excluded.

The agreement struck between Mr. Kyl and Mr. Pederson states they both refuse to have Sheriff Mack involved. Lamely enough, their agreement also states there will be no audience and the questions to be asked will be available in advance so the candidates can prepare their answers. Some debate.

The first debate will be held at KPHO-TV’s station (Channel 5, CBS affiliate) at 4 P.M. tomorrow (Sunday, Oct. 15). Now Sheriff Mack has no problem with a private TV station doing whatever they want. But he also figures that both KPHO, the “debate” moderator KPHO television personality and announcer Kent Dana, and the two spineless candidates representing the R’s and the D’s should be met with protest outside the station.

I agree. So I and others will be joining Sheriff Mack gathering outside the station at 3:30 P.M. tomorrow to protest Richard Mack’s exclusion from the debates. I will have my sign, “Kent Dana – Biased News.” What will you come up with?

Hey, nice weather, and it is about time to let the political establishment and the mainstream media know the disenfranchised electorate will not go down passively without a fight. So come out for half an hour and have some fun.


4016 N. Black Canyon Hwy. (map link)

(on the corner of Indian School R. and I-17)

Phoenix, AZ 85017


Since Richard Mack helped strike down the Brady gun registration law passed in 1993, and Sen. Kyl voted to pass the assault weapon and high capacity magazine ban in 1994, I can’t imagine why Kyl wouldn’t want Sheriff Mack in a debate. Can you? Mr. Mack's anti-foreign entanglement credentials and known fiscal conservatism couldn't have anything to do with his not being invited either, could it?

P.S.: For those of you in Tucson and Flagstaff, your cities will be hosting the debates in the next few days (TV stations not yet confirmed). Are you ready to misbehave?

Oct. 18, Tucson

Oct. 20, Flagstaff