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After the Arizona Elections you'll start hearing more about voter roll manipulations.

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ACORN registered 66,000 in 2004 - 2/3 never got to vote and 8,800 in Maricopa sent a voter card with the wrong pricincts to vote at. SoS Brewer's VRAZ II, looks to be the big hit in voter suppression in November.

We're going to look into the system. We usually rate right up there with Jim Crow who where a blond wig in Arizona and she brewing up a witches brew in voting.

Here is the Link to PBS/NOW if you missed the program Friday night a must see video. The Ohio report on PBS of massive failures on the same equipment we have in Pima County and 11 others in Arizona.

John R Brakey

ES&S now has the contract to alter the Arizona Voter Rolls for the purpose of 'accuracy' in the data. This was also done with controversial effects in several other states like Florida and Ohio. What many do not know is that two brothers head up both Diebold and ES&S (Election Systems & Software)
STILL VOTING? -- Ernest Hancock

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