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viral on Facebook...(Natural News) Even as the evil tech giants and deceptive mainstream media desperately try to censor any truthful information about vaccine ingredients and their health risks, a new video has just been posted that may turn the tab

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By Philip Giraldi Strategic Culture

Two world wars began because of unconditional pledges made by one country to come to assistance of another. On July 5, 1914, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany pledged his country's complete support for whatever response Austria-Hungary would choose to m

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Areas We NEVER Expected ...Last week, a county in central Kansas experienced something quite unusual for the region: within a five day period, there were eleven earthquakes. Kansas is not a particularly earthquake-prone state, taking spot #41 on the

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Little by little, Volocopter has continued to refine the design of its flying taxi since we first spotted it back in 2013. As the company eyes a commercial rollout of the electric aircraft in the coming years it has given it yet another makeover, sho

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